Presentation slides


Lluís Brotons.“Introduction to the NEWFORESTS project: scientific objectives and exchange plans”. NEWFORESTS project coordinator (CTFC-CREAF researcher).


Presentations by European research institutions

Javier Retana.“CREAF, Forest ecology research and applications”. Director of CREAF.

Enrique Doblas.“Main tasks and research initiatives of the CREAF in NEWFORESTS”. CREAF researcher.

Christopher Carcaillet.“Paleo-fires and biodiversity in boreal and mountain forests”. Coordinator of CBAE.

Adam Alí and Christelle Hely.“Fire and vegetation dynamics in boreal forests: processes and integrative proxy-model approaches”. CBAE researchers.

Lluís Coll.“Understanding the past, assessing the present and inspiring the future of Mediterranean forests”. CTFC-CREAF researcher.


Presentations by CEF research hubs

Pierre Drapeau.“Centre for Forest Research: CEF research themes and Biodiversity issues to NEWFORESTS: Faunal responses to habitat fragmentation and structural attributes of boreal forests”. co-Director of CEF.

Dan Kneeshaw.“Natural disturbances, global changes and forest dynamics of boreal ecosystems”. CEF researcher.

Louis Imbeau. “UQAT Forest Research Institute: overview of research expertise and contributions to NEWFORESTS”. UQAT researcher.


Research questions

Research questions resulting from the Kick-off meeting

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