WP4. Forest Complexity Modelling

WP4. Forest complexity modelling

Researcher Institution Host institution Dates Topic
Lluís Coll  LluisColl CTFC UQAM 01-12-2013 to 28-02-201410-12-2014 to 06-02-2014 Forest complexity modelling
Núria Aquilué  NuriaAquilue CTFC UQAM 01-01-2014 to 30-06-2014 Forest complexity modelling
Aitor Ameztegui  AitorAmeztegui UQAM CTFC 10-12-2013 to 15-01-2014 Species-climate model calibration
Assu Gil ASSUGIL CTFC UQAM 04-10-2014 to 06-02-2015 Climate change and dispersal constraints effects into forest tree distributions
Lluís Brotons  LLUISBROTONS1 CTFC UQAM 05-12-2014 to 22-12-2014 Landscape modelling
Roberto Molowny CREAF UQAM 01-08-2016 to 30-09-2016 Cellular automata models for insect infestation
Lluís Brotons  LLUISBROTONS1 CTFC UQAM 11-08-2016 to 07-01-2017 Landscape modelling
Alejandra Morán ALEJANDRAMORAN CTFC UQAM 02-10-2016 to 06-12-2016 Assessment of Ecosystem Services
Quim Canelles  CANELLES CTFC UQAM 18-10-2016 to 18-11-2016 Vegetation modelling


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