SCI publications:

Title Journal Year Authors +info
Assessing the persistence capacity of communities facing natural disturbances on the basis of species response traits. Ecological Indicators 2016 Sánchez-Pinillos, M; Coll, L; De Cáceres, M; Améztegui, A. Info
Mediterranean fire regime effects on pine-oak forest landscape mosaics under global change in NE Spain European Journal of Forest Research 2016 Gil-Tena, A; Aquilué, N; Duane, A; De Cáceres, M.; Brotons,L Info
Synergies Between Forest Biomass Extraction for Bioenergy and Fire Suppression in Mediterranean Ecosystems: Insights from a Storyline-and-Simulation Approach Ecosystems 2016 Regos, A; Aquilué, N; López, I; Codina,M; Retana, J; Brotons, L. Info
Land-use legacies rather than climate change are driving the recent upward shift of the mountain tree line in the Pyrenees Global Ecology and Biogeography 2016 Ameztegui A, Coll L, Brotons L, Ninot JM Info
Biomass offsets little or none of permafrost carbon release from soils, streams, and wildfire: an expert assessment Environmental Research Letters 2016 Benjamin W Abbott , Jeremy B Jones , Edward A G Schuur , F Stuart Chapin III , William B Bowden , M Syndonia Bret-Harte , Howard E Epstein , Michael D Flannigan , Tamara K Harms , Teresa N Hollingsworth , Michelle C Mack , A David McGuire , Susan M Natali , Adrian V Rocha , Suzanne E Tank , … Info
Diversifying sub-Mediterranean pinewoods with oak species in a context of assisted migration: responses to local climate and light environment Applied Vegetation Science 2015 Martín-Alcon, S; Coll, L; Améztegui, A. Info
Suitability of poplar plantations for a cavity nesting specialist, the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker Dendrocopos minor, in the Mediterranean mosaic landscape Acta Ornithologica 2015 Camprodon J., Faus J., Salvanyà P., Soler-Zurita J., Romero J. L Info
Holocene variations of wildfire occurrence as a guide for sustainable management of the northeastern Canadian boreal forest Forest Ecosytems 2015 Ahmed El-Guellab, Hugo Asselin, Sylvie Gauthier, Yves Bergeron and Adam A. Ali. Info
Evaluating the persistence of post‐fire residual patches in the eastern Canadian boreal mixedwood forest Boreas 2015 Ouarmim, S., Ali, AA., Asselin, H., Hély, C., Bergeron, Y. Info
Regional paleofire regimes affected by non-uniform climate, vegetation and human drivers Scientific Reports 2015 Olivier Blarquez, Adam A. Ali, Martin P. Girardin, Pierre Grondin, Bianca Fréchette, Yves Bergeron & Christelle Hély Info
Modelling the effect of climate-induced changes in recruitment and juvenile growth on mixed-forest dynamics: The case of montane–subalpine Pyrenean ecotones Ecological Modelling 2015 Ameztegui A, Coll L, Messier C Info
Herbivory and seedling establishment in Pyrenean forests: Influence of micro- and meso-habitat factors on browsing pressure Forest Ecology and Management 2015 Ameztegui A, Coll L Info
Unexpected warming‐induced growth decline in Thuja occidentalis at its northern limits in North America Journal of Biogeography 2015 Housset JM., Girardin, MP ., Baconnet, M., Carcaillet, C., Bergeron, Y. Info
Main dynamics and drivers of boreal forests fire regimes during the Holocene Geophysical research abstracts 2015 Molinari C., Lehsten, V., Blarquez, O., Clear, J., Carcaillet, C., Bradshaw, RHW. Info
Disentangling the trajectories of alpha, beta and gamma plant diversity of North American boreal ecoregions since 15,500 years Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 2014 Blarquez O.*, Carcaillet C.*, Frejaville T., Bergeron Y. Info
Intercropping trees’ effect on soil oribatid diversity in agro-ecosystems Agroforestry Systems 2014 Doblas-Miranda, E., Paquette, A., & Work, T. T. Info
Long-term effects of climate and land-use change on larch budmoth outbreaks in the French Alps Climate research 2014 Battipaglia G., Büntgen U., McCloskey, SPJ., Blarquez O., Denis, N., Paradis, L., Brossier, B., Fournier, T., Carcaillet, C. Info
Periglacial fires and trees in a continental setting of Central Canada, Upper Pleistocene Geobiology 2014 Bélanger, N., Carcaillet, C., Padbury, G. a, Harvey-Schafer, a N., & Van Rees, K. J. C. Info
Using tree-ring records to calibrate peak detection in fire reconstructions based on sedimentary charcoal records The Holocene 2014 Brossier, B., Oris, F., Fisinger, W., Asselin, H., Bergeron, Y., & Ali, A. A. Info
Viewing forests through the lens of complex systems science Ecosphere 2014 Filotas, E., Parrott, L., Burton, P., Chazdon, R., Coates, K., Coll, L., … Messier, C. Info
Resistance of mixed subalpine forest to fire frequency changes: the ecological function of dwarf pine Quaternary Science Reviews 2014 Leys, B., Carcaillet, C., Blarquez, O., Lami, A., Musazzi, S., & Trevisan, R. Info
From management to stewardship: viewing forests as complex adaptive systems in an uncertain world Conservation Letters 2014 Messier C, Puettmann K, Chazdon R, Andersson K, Angers V, Brotons L, Filotas E, Tittler R, Parrott L, Levin S Info
Charcoal dispersion and deposition in boreal lakes from 3 years of monitoring: Differences between local and regional fires Geophysical Research Letters 2014 Oris, F., Ali, AA., Asselin, H., Paradis, L, Bergeron, Y, Finsinger, W. Info
Effect of increased fire activity on global warming in the boreal forest Environmental Reviews 2014 Oris, F., Asselin, H., Ali, A. A., Finsinger, W., & Bergeron, Y. Info
Species indicators of ecosystem recovery after reducing large herbivore density: Comparing taxa and testing species combinations Ecological Indicators 2014 Bachand, M., Pellerin, S., Côté, S. D., Moretti, M., De Cáceres, M., Brousseau, P.-M., … Poulin, M. Info
Long-term fire history in northern Quebec: implications for the northern limit of commercial forests Journal of Applied Ecology 2014 Oris, F., Asselin, H., Finsinger, W., Hély, C., Blarquez, O., Ferland, M.-E., … Ali, A. A. Info
Stand structure in fire refuges of the eastern Canadian boreal mixedwood forest Forest Ecology and Management 2014 Ouarmim, S., Asselin, H., Bergeron, Y., Ali, A. A., & Hély, C. Info
Long-term dynamics of fire refuges in boreal mixedwood forests Journal of Quaternary Science 2014 Ouarmim, S., Asselin, H., Hély, C., Bergeron, Y., & Ali, A. a. Info
Paleofire reconstruction based on an ensemble-member strategy applied to sedimentary charcoal Geophysical Research Letters 2013 Blarquez, O., Girardin, MP ., Leys B., Ali, A. A. Aleman J.C., Bergeron, Y., Carcaillet, C Info
Tracking land-cover changes with sedimentary charcoal in the Afrotropics The Holocene 2013 Aleman, J. C., Blarquez, O., Bentaleb, I., Bonte, P., Brossier, B., Carcaillet, C., … Favier, C. Info


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