Work package Number 6
Starting date Month:1
Leading partner CTFC
Objectives Actions aimed at facilitating the coordination and implementation of the activities planned by the project, coordination of the staff exchange and dissemination the project activities to the research community, the general public and key stakeholders. The coordination will be formed by a governing board of 5 people (one per partner institution) that will be supported by technical or administrative staff from the respective organisations. The Lead Scientist at CTFC will be supported by the CTFC International Project’s Office, and have access to administrative resources in order to secure the correct implementation and follow-up of the project: secretariat, legal counsel, and financial follow-up.
Description of work Task 6.1. Coordination of the project actions and distribution of the tasks amongst the project researchers responsible for specific actions.

Task 6.2. The organization of annual meetings, including kick-off and final gatherings.

Task 6.3. Creation of a of committee whose main objective will be to analyse the possibilities of the creation and funding of an international excellence forest research laboratory building from the existing networks participated by the partners.

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